MediaWiki community manager and senior technical writer (2011-2014)

As Senior Technical Writer, Harihareswara wrote MediaWiki's performance and architecture guidelines, revamped and ran its Requests for Comment process, and mentored an Outreachy intern focusing on auditing and improving API client libraries.

As Volunteer Development Coordinator and Engineering Community Manager, she wrote and triaged bug reports, broke bottlenecks in patch review, served as MediaWiki's organizational administrator for Google Summer of Code, introduced the first anti-harassment policy for Wikimedia's in-person technical events, trained volunteers in Git, MediaWiki, APIs, and related technologies, and ran hackathons. During her time as Engineering Community Manager, she hired and managed members of the Engineering Community Team, initiated Wikimedia's participation in Outreachy, trained volunteers in Git, MediaWiki, APIs, and related technologies. The new contributors and maintainers she recruited, mentored, and shepherded from 2011 to 2014 have made the MediaWiki community more sustainable and more diverse.